Know Us

Un1ke is a decentralized intellectual property and copyright platform, where users can take control of their I.P. and exchange, sell and make available for all thru blockchain technology.

Keeping all I.P. safe from copies or misuse without the owner’s consent or proper return on their property.

We have a long way to go and decided to start with a plain Nft´s platform dedicated to Artists and Creators, mainly for Art, digital art, sculpture, music, video… mainstream art, and artists.

Our second step on the roadmap will be Metaverse Objects and Digital Assets, where we will provide tools for 3d models, games assets, industrial design… creating the second platform specialized on digital objects that can be traded and sold on the platform itself, creating a marketplace for gamers, industrial companies, and common users.

The third step will be to implement what we like to call, D.I.P. – Decentralized Intellectual Property, where users will be able to register from ideas to project concepts, emit certificates, and proof of ownership with the security of Blockchain technology.

After all, this is done Un1ke wants to release the platforms to the public and make them fully decentralized. But we have a long road ahead until reaching the finish line you can keep track of our development in our roadmap or thru our social channels, follow us, and be part of the future.


Un1ke – One of a Kind Digital Objects



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